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I’m grateful for a wonderful dinner last night with one of the most wonderful women I know.

We’ve been friends for 20 years, she declared, reminding me of our first meeting at a waterfront theater in Vancouver.

We drank blueberry tea after seeing a play.  It was raining.  She had a cold.

We didn’t reminisce much about it last night — far too many current events in our lives to discuss after another year apart.

After the meal, my friend repeated a mantra that I’ve long shared:  No regrets.

She has shared those two words with other friends; watched my life from afar (we were continents apart for some time); and wondered how, or if, that message works.

My friend acknowledged she’s trying it.

If you live each day determined to be good to yourself and others — however you define that — is it possible to live without regret?

Yes, it is.