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My incredibly naive goal to be ever-positive and ever-sunny was stunted because of West Coast weather.

Rather, my limited approach to West Coast weather.

I was struggling through a painful, exhausting physio session in Vancouver, (OK, truth be told, it only seemed so bad because I was petulant), when I began complaining about walking in the rain.  It hurts.  It’s so harrrrrrd …

Whine, whine, whine.

(Ever wonder why we seem so polished at complaining and more clumsy when celebrating life?)

As always, the physiotherapist patiently did her work and listened without comment to my daily whine before pausing to look out the window.  It was winter, and the city bristled still with full, green trees everywhere.

“I’m always thankful for the rain,” she said quietly, sounding a little surprised at my complaints. “Without it, we wouldn’t have this great rainforest.”

Sounds simple now, but her words were profound.

Can’t say I haven’t complained about rain since then, but I always remember her wisdom.

On soggy days anywhere, I’m mindful of her comment, and always celebrate the rain.

Exploring Vancouver with an oversized umbrella this week, and wondering why I’m not complaining about lugging it, dripping, on one bus after another, I recall Barbara Picton’s advice with a smile:  Even though the cold and dampness exacerbate my physical pain, my heart is full of joy for the chance to walk through a city I love, to be with people I love.

It’s so green and fresh here in rain, in any season.  I’m ecstatic to return, and feel Vancouver beneath my feet, and remember what it was like when I arrived here, unable to walk or move, almost 10 years ago.

Life is so sweet in the rain today, I can taste it.