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Hope isn’t always pretty.  It’s sometimes difficult to detect.  It’s easily overlooked and, when so many are out of work, out of homes, out of family, and out of options, it can be overshadowed far too easily by hurt.

But Occupy ——– (fill in your city of choice) gives me hope.

I’m grateful that many people, in my city of Portland and worldwide, have the courage to risk their safety and comfort, and give voice to the pain that so many are suffering, here and around the globe.

I don’t support violence for any reason.  I do support freedom of speech and the right to gather to exercise that freedom.

It gives me hope that most Occupy This! demonstrations have been peaceful.  It gives me hope that protests here and overseas have drawn such a cross-section of citizens, from those in need to those eager to help their neighbors.

It gives me hope that so many, especially youth, are willing to shout the questions many of ask privately:  Why are so many without?  And what are we, the people, going to do about it?

We don’t have to be in the streets to ask such questions, but surely, each of us can answer:

What will I do today to help?

What will I ask of others who can help even more?