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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

To celebrate my favorite (for Canadians, favourite) day, I sent Facebook messages and emails to family and a few close friends.  I wanted to do more than just send greetings on a national holiday.  I’m spreading gratitude, telling each how much they mean to me and express my thanks for their presence in my life.  Each one brings me joy, in many small and great ways.

(It’s a love thing.  If you love someone, tell them.  If you haven’t told them lately, please tell them NOW, in words or touch.)

Thanksgiving, in any country, is a formal reminder of being thankful for our blessings, whatever our faith or beliefs.

I’m thankful for each member of my family, the ones who were there when I was born, the ones who came after, and all those we’ve gathered along the way.  Family, for me, has extended over the years to include women and men whose love and caring transcends friendship.

I’m thankful too, for Canada, my native land.

I’m thankful for all that Canada represents on the world stage, and in my heart.  No matter where I’ve travelled, Canada is almost always recognized as a country with soul, a country that cares, and gives.  It’s a country of enduring kindness.

Not everyone understands its commitment to the collective good, and while Canadians may differ on how to reach that goal, it’s still a solid part of my home country’s foundation.  For that, I am keenly grateful.