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Psychologists tell us blue and green are calming colors, so that partly explains the therapeutic benefits of sitting by the ocean or walking in the forest.  On our daily walk in the woods, I’m excited by green.  I’m thankful we have a place to walk that’s tranquil, fresh after light showers, and bristling with life, even in autumn.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, some lament the lack of fall colors that make life on the east coast so special this season.  But I celebrate the green, especially after seeing snow dusting our mountains already.

Leaves on the older aspens are turning gold; the young saplings have lost all their greenery.  A few decorative maples are transformed with bright red.  Our mighty deciduous trees — the ones gracing the forest outside my writing windows — are the big leaf maples.  And they’re still boldly green, almost defiant in the face of autumn.

Writing next to this green fills me with hope every day, no matter what season on the calendar (or my mood).  In fall, green inspires almost as much hope as spring.