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… you can still be grateful for the blessings of nature.  This afternoon, after watching otters play in the kelp beds and pelicans flying loopy patterns overhead, we walked an oceanside bluff, grateful to be together.

It had been overcast all day, and the sun was just breaking through, when a small cloud of hummingbirds burst from flowering trees nearby.

We were luxuriating in thankfulness, when a red fox poked its paws out of the forest in front of us.  Grabbed a camera, just in time to see a full, red-tinged tail slip back into the woods.  We saw his sweet face through the undergrowth only for a second.

Then the fox stole away, with more stealth than we could manage with photo equipment.  Couldn’t grab a decent shot, but it didn’t matter — we collected an afternoon full of memorable mental images.